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1937 - 1972

Vintage Boucher Brooch
Marcel Boucher Jewelry is known for it's elegant designs in enamel, metal and rhinestone.  This talented craftsman began his career in France designing jewelry for Cartier in the early 1920s.   In 1923 he came to America to work for Cartier in New York.  In the 1930s he designed for the Mazer Brothers.  He then started his own company in 1937, (Marcel Boucher and Cie, New York, 1937 to 1972) .    His imaginative and creative designs were very popular and well received.   His pieces were always very high quality and often mistaken for fine jewelry.

Marcel's wife, Sandra, began as a designer for the company.  She also designed 3 years for Tiffany but returned to the company because she enjoyed the freedom and creativity of designing costume jewelry. In 1958 she and Marcel were married.   She took over the company after Marcel's death in 1965.  In 1972, the company was sold to Dovorn Industries.

Boucher Signature

Boucher marks included:

MB - 1937 to 1949
Marboux 1938 to 1960's
Phrygian Cap - 1944 to 1949
Boucher - 1950 - 1955
Boucher "c" - after 1955.

Boucher SignatureBoucher Inventory Numbers:

Boucher jewelry started to bear inventory numbers starting in the 1940's.

This is a list of approximate dates that correspond to those numbers.
- 2300 - 2350 after 1945
- 2351 - 2450 after 1946
- 2450 - 2550 after 1947
- 2550 - 2750 after 1948
- 2750 - 3000 after 1949
- 3000 - 3500 after 1950

The copyright © symbol appeared after 1955.

The Marboux jewelry had it's own numbering system separate from other Boucher jewelry.

It is also said that in the late 60's or early 70's the Boucher numbering system started over after it hit 9999.

Vintage Boucher Bird

One of the most prized and collected Boucher pieces are his 1940's Parisianna Mexican Sterling Line and his group of Exotic Birds!  The early enamels are also admired and coveted by collectors.

Boucher Bird of Paradise

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