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1918 - Present

Gustavo Trifari and his uncle began the Trifari Jewelry Company in 1910. Gustavo’s uncle left after a few years and Leo Krussman and Carl Fishel joined the company a little later. The company then became "Trifari, Krussman and Fishel. It wasn't until about 1937 that the company went by the name "Trifari" alone.

In 1930 Alfred Philippe became head designer for Trifari.  He was fabulously talented and his early designs have become the most sought after by collectors.

Marks used by the company included, among many: "KTF" 1917, "Trifari with a crown" 1930s, "Trifari" with a crown and copyright symbol, after 1956".

Collectible Vintage Trifari Jewelry

Vintage Trifari Necklace

The Clipmate was Trifari's patented design.  It comprised a pair of dress clips that were fitted on a metal frame with a pin stem.  They could be worn together as one large brooch or removed from the frame and worn separately as two separate clips.  Coro's version of the same style of pin was patented as the "Duette".

View Assembly

View Patent registered by Gustavo Trifari 1932

Trifari Enamel Rhinestone Brooch 1930s 1940s Enamel Rhinestone Clips and Brooches

Many early design patents were registered by Trifari's star designer Alfred Phillipe and thusly most of these beautiful creations are attributed to him.  The enamel and rhinestones pins from this era are highly coveted by collectors. 

photo courtesy of ebay seller founditinleftfield

vintage trifari sterling dragonfly broochy

Trifari Sterling Vermeil, c. 1940s.

This colorful dragonfly with faceted glass wings, is an wonderful example of some of the creative Trifari sterling gold washed vermeil jewelry created by Trifari in the 1940s. 

vintage trifari jelly belly brooch
Trifari Figural Jelly Belly Fur Clips, Pins and Brooches

A jelly belly by definition is a figural pin with a clear lucite "belly".  The selling price for the rarest of Trifari's Jelly Belly pins has been known to exceed $1000.  Most of the patents for these beauties were registered in the 1940s.

photo courtesy of ebay seller tatcat777

view patent registered by Alfred Phillipe 1944

Vintage Trifari Jelly Belly Fish

Trifari Jelly Belly Brooches and clips can be found in the following forms:

Frog, poodle, spider, sail fish, rooster, rabbit, fly, penguin, duckling, bird of paradise, bee, other bug, turtle, circus seal, crab, swan. gold fish, ladybug, shell,  (I am sure I missed a few).

photo courtesy of E. Berg of Los Angeles

Vintage Trifari Ming Camel Brooch

Trifari Ming Series - 1940s

Pieces in this beautiful Oriental series were brightly colored with black and red enamels as well as faux jade inserts and pave crystal rhinestones.  Known figures for the series are horses, camels, daggers, fantasy birds, axes, dragons,  pagodas and bats.  

photo courtesy of ebay seller sweetthingsvintage -

Clair del lune bracelet

Clair De Lune - 1950's line. Another line attributed to designer Alfred Phillipe, the Clair de Lune line features luminous faux moonstones and faux sapphire or ruby stones with pave crystal rhinestone accents.  The demi lune faux moonstone is the prominent element in all pieces.

photo courtesy of ebay seller murfsbeadz

Trifari Jewels of India Bracelet
1960's Trifari Jewels of India Collection

Pieces from the Jewels of India Collection are a Trifari jewelry collector's dream.   Created by designer Alfred Phillipe as part of the Moghul line, it features fine brilliant pave crystal rhinestones, unfoiled faux emerald, sapphire and ruby stones.

photo courtesy of ebay seller jimmy*dees

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